Protecting Your Photos in the Digital WorldDifferent techniques of protecting your photos: Watermarking Watermarking is one of the most common methods of protecting your photos in the digital world. Almost everyone does it and with varying degrees of intensity and success. The simplest way to place a watermark is to create an action in Photoshop or use the default watermark option... Read more »
The Essential Guide to Posing the GroomA ton has been written and said about the essential aspects of posing the bride. However, nobody seems to pay much attention to posing the groom. The thought process always is - "Well, he is the groom. How difficult can it be to pose and make a few quick portrait shots?" Well, guys tend to be just as nervous as gals, especially on the big day. There would be butterflies in the stomach. A little bit of help and some prior research work wouldn’t do any harm. Neither would some experience in posing the groom on his big day. Read more...
A Beginner’s Guide to Shoot Environmental PortraitsAs a genre, environmental portraits are a challenge of sorts for most photographers. It is because it involves bringing into focus the environment where the subject is rather than just focusing on the subject alone. These images capture the regular working environment of the subject or where the subject lives. In other words, environmental portraits... Read more »
Pricing Yourself – How Much to Charge as a Wedding Photographer?In reality it is a question of assessing your costs and then setting a price which covers that cost, your personal expenses as well as insurance for the future. Remember, your photography business is your only source of income and that means if you fail in correctly pricing yourself you will end up in the... Read more »
Advantage Of Shooting Film In The Digital AgeOld But Not Obsolete The dawn of digital sensor also brought in the demise of film. In many ways it was the arrival of the ‘next best thing’ that ushered in the slow death of what was once the ‘best thing’ to have happened to photography since Nicéphore Niépce pointed his camera obscura out of... Read more »
Getting Started in Low Light PhotographyIntroducing Low Light Photography For those of you who primarily shoot with a smartphone or even a point & shoot, there are certain genres of photography that can be quite intimidating to try out. Low light photography, e.g., is one such genre. It is almost a taboo for lots of beginner and casual shooters. To... Read more »
Canon Introduces the EOS M5The Canon EOS M5 is the latest mirrorless camera from the Canon stable. Interestingly it is powered by the same sensor and the same on-chip phase-detection auto-focusing system as the more illustrious EOS 80D. It is powered by a 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. Image processing is handled by DIGIC 7 image processor. Let’s dig deeper... Read more »
Introducing the Fuji GFX 50S Digital Medium Format CameraIt seems that despite the seemingly lackadaisical speed and enthusiasm surrounding this year’s Photokina, there has been a few product launches that are going to impact the industry in the next few months to come. Off late there has been a renewed interest in large format digital cameras. First the Hasselblad X1D and now this.... Read more »