Using a Softbox as your Key LightThe soft box is your definitive source of lighting a model or an object in order to photograph it. Why? Because, a softbox is essentially a way to produce a softer more wrap-around type of lighting than any other source of light. You would argue that the sun is a large exceptionally bright source of... Read more »
Advantage Of Shooting Film In The Digital AgeOld But Not Obsolete The dawn of digital sensor also brought in the demise of film. In many ways it was the arrival of the ‘next best thing’ that ushered in the slow death of what was once the ‘best thing’ to have happened to photography since Nicéphore Niépce pointed his camera obscura out of... Read more »
Seven Photography Tools that You Should Possess to Improve Your ImagesThis discussion is about the tools of trade that we photographers need to possess in order to make professional images. There are some obvious tools like a camera or a lens or a tripod. Every photographer needs these. But beyond these there are a bunch of other tools as well. This is centered around those... Read more »
Why You Should Invest in a TripodThere are probably a hundred reasons why you should invest in a tripod. I am not going to detail each and every one of them. The tripod is, surprisingly, one of the most underrated tools in photography. I have seen even photographers who shoot regularly, skeptical about investing in one. They cite reasons like –... Read more »
Samyang 20mm f/1.8 Manual Focusing Lens Officially AnnouncedGreat news for full-frame shooters. Samyang has officially announced the 20mm f/1.8 ED AS UMC lens. Geared for full-frame shooters, the new Samyang 20mm f/1.8 is the latest in a line of prime fast aperture lenses that Samyang has launched this year. The USP is definitely the fast wide aperture. It can be used to... Read more »
Huawei Passes Image by 5D Mark III as Shot by P9, ApologizesThere is only one rule in advertising. It is not all right when you imply something in your marketing messages which you know to be incorrect. In other words, it is not OK to lie. This is something that the Chinese electronics giant Huawei learnt the hard way. Huawei is trying to promote its P9 smartphone. The P9 is arguably, one of the most anticipated phones to have been launched recently, because of its dual-camera system which was co-developed with Leica. Both the cameras are 12 megapixel. However, while one shoots in color the other shoots in monochrome. It is said that this unique system produces a far greater contrast than is possible with traditional single camera systems. Ok. So much for information about the phone and its cameras. What the problem has been is to do wit the marketing messages. In a recent post on their Google+ page Huawei published a photo which they captioned, Read more...
We knew this was going to happen. The mirrorless medium format segment do sound a mouth-watering prospect from both the selling and the customer points of view. It is hard to deny this segment, now that the X1D has garnered so much attention. Things are only going to be competitive from here on. No sooner than the Hasselblad X1D was announced, rumor mills are abuzz with the chime that Fuji is working on a medium format mirrorless design of their own. Read more...