How to Pick the Best Shooting Mode among Auto, S, A, Manual in any SituationAll digital SLR camera systems comes with a series of shooting modes. These are the Auto mode, the Shutter priority mode, the Aperture Priority mode and of course the Manual mode. The Auto mode is further divided into the Full Auto mode and the Programmed Auto mode. There is no single shooting mode which can... Read more »
Camera Settings Presets for Shooting Different ScenesCamera settings presets are a combination of buttons and dials that can be used to recall a specific set of settings on your camera. These are basically memory recall buttons. Their purpose is to save time by instantly recall your favorite settings depending on the scene or image you are shooting. Some of these presets... Read more »
What to Discuss with Client Before the Photo ShootingA digital photographer, someone who works on assignments, his greatest friend is the agreement that he signs with his client. Nothing, is going to work and no one is going to come to his / her aid if something were to go wrong. It should be the starting point for every photography assignment that you... Read more »
Choosing Software for Post-Processing Your ImagesWhich application is best for post-processing your images? Several years ago, when I was first starting out in digital photography a friend of mine advised me – “You have to know how to use Photoshop for post-processing your images if you are going to be a photographer.” I was a purist back then, having shot... Read more »
How to Extend Background in PhotoshopLet’s imagine that you are standing in front of this beautiful sunset. You set up your camera, set your focus, set the camera on shutter delay and run back to your mark. The camera fires but at that exact instant another very-enthusiastic photographer walks into the frame. Ouch! The solution is to crop the guy... Read more »
5 Simple and Free Ways to Find Customers for PhotographyPrelude Today we are going to discuss about how to find customers for photography. Back in 2006 I left my sales manager position with an Indian IT company and decided to float my own venture. I had this strange confidence. I thought my fervor and my experience would simply decimate the mandatory waiting period for... Read more »
Wedding Photography – the History of the GenreThe history of recording a wedding dates back to a time long before photography came about. The bride and the groom, and at times the nearest family members, would stand painstakingly for hours posing, as the master painter would make brush strokes on canvas. The history of wedding photography, however, is a relatively new one.... Read more »
Shooting a Business Portrait: Techniques, Ideas and ApproachesIf you are good with portrait photography probably at one point you would be looking to jump in to the lucrative business portrait segment. Shooting a business portrait, however, is a different ball game altogether. This is completely different to what you have been shooting thus far. This is despite many of the same techniques... Read more »
Checklist of Preparation for Wedding PhotographyLet’ face it. Wedding photography isn’t a sort of pursuit that is for the weak heart. Wedding photography requires a whole lot more than just the knowledge of how to operate a camera or how to make a decent exposure. It requires exemplary interpersonal skills, excellent time management abilities, planning and above all the ability... Read more »