One of the least used techniques is the low angle photography perspective. I bet every photographer thinks – “Why get my camera dirty when my tripod can stoop down to inches from the ground?” Well, can your tripod set the camera actually on the ground? I don’t think so. Because that is one of the camera positions that I am referring to when I say low-angle. About a foot and a half from the ground is no good when you want to capture something that is crawling on the ground or you want to capture something so unique which nobody else thinks of. You have to set your camera on the ground.

What’s so special about low-angles?

For starters it is a completely fresh perspective, something which is used very sparingly and thus tend to captivate the imagination of the audience when they see an image done this way. In some instances the treatment becomes an obvious compulsion. Anything other than a low-angle would not do justice to the image. For example look at the image below.

Do you feel this image would have had anything near the same effect had it been shot using a top angle? The point of interest in this image is the eye of the dog closest to the camera. From a top angle it would have been very difficult to capture with anything near the same effect.

Capturing action as it happens

Sometimes it becomes absolutely necessary to use a low-angle as it captures the action better. This would be impossible otherwise.

The above image could have been shot from an eye-level. But, it wouldn’t have been this captivating.

Again, you may be forced due to the nature of the place you are in.

In the above image a camera angle anything other than this would have not been able to capture the fascinating scene, the amazing lighting and the contrasting colors.

Low angle can be a lot of fun to capture too

This is one of the many images that absolutely needs a low angle to shoot from. The result is always very interesting. Try this and your group shots gets a completely new perspective.

Flower photography

We almost always photograph a flower using a top-angle. Ok, may be sometimes we do use the low angle and shoot side-on. But have you ever tried lying flat on your back and shoot from this angle?

When shooting into the sun you need to keep a few things in mind. Even if you have a very fast lens, stop it down by 2-stops so that there is less chance of chromatic aberration, corner vignetting, lens flares and ghosting. Use a lens hood and make sure it to eliminate the sun when composing. There are special lenses which come with Nano crystals coating. These lenses are extremely suitable for the purpose of shooting into the sun.

Capture optical illusions

Oh, you know what I am getting to with this one. If you haven’t already, then the image below should be self-explanatory.

Add drama to your compositions

Low angle photography techniques often adds to the drama in a composition.

The above image has been shot from a low angle. You would argue that the image wouldn’t have been too dissimilar had it been shot from the photographer’s eye level. I would disagree. From where the image has been taken some of the foreground was also incorporated into it. This adds to the image in a good way. From the photographer’s eye level this would have been impossible.

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