Easy In-Camera Effects For 2020Picture this: you’re an amateur photographer. You want to make an utterly astounding photo, and the only problem is that you don’t exactly know… how. You desperately search for ideas but don’t want to spend thousands on expensive equipment. Believe me, you’re not alone.  After researching this topic, I found several convenient and easy solutions  –... Read more »
Tips to Take Better Photos On Your PhoneWe’re not all famed photographer Annie Liebovitz but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to take amazing photographs. Especially since the ability to take a great shot has gotten much easier with today’s smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that all it takes to get that perfect shot is to just point and click. There are... Read more »
How to Pick the Best Shooting Mode among Auto, S, A, Manual in any SituationAll digital SLR camera systems comes with a series of shooting modes. These are the Auto mode, the Shutter priority mode, the Aperture Priority mode and of course the Manual mode. The Auto mode is further divided into the Full Auto mode and the Programmed Auto mode. There is no single shooting mode which can... Read more »
Camera Settings Presets for Shooting Different ScenesCamera settings presets are a combination of buttons and dials that can be used to recall a specific set of settings on your camera. These are basically memory recall buttons. Their purpose is to save time by instantly recall your favorite settings depending on the scene or image you are shooting. Some of these presets... Read more »
Best Books on Portrait PhotographyIn this discussion we shall take a look at some very useful books on a particular genre of photography. Portrait photography to be precise. Digital photography has benefited immensely over the last decade from the internet revolution. Knowledge is no longer tied to books and classrooms. Beginner photographers and pretty much everybody interested in photography... Read more »
7 Main Mistakes when Retouching Wedding ImagesIf there were one genre of photography that you could do without retouching then that genre would be – wedding. The union of two people for life is the most auspicious of moments and it is but understandable that they would want to look their best. As their wedding photographer it is but your responsibility... Read more »
Best Metering Mode for Landscape, Portrait, Wedding PhotographyOne of the most fundamental aspects of photography is to meter a scene. Metering denotes measuring the amount if ambient light in a scene and then using the camera’s exposure adjustment functions in order to find the right exposure value for an optimum exposure. The way scenes in real life are there is no way... Read more »
Survey of Photo Contests by IndustryDoes photo contests make sense in participating? – For Recognition Absolutely. There is no better way to get instant world-wide recognition for what you do than to participate in photo contests. If the contest is an international one it gets you even more eyeballs. Evaluating your Skills Another reason for participating in a photography competition... Read more »
Wedding Photography – the History of the GenreThe history of recording a wedding dates back to a time long before photography came about. The bride and the groom, and at times the nearest family members, would stand painstakingly for hours posing, as the master painter would make brush strokes on canvas. The history of wedding photography, however, is a relatively new one.... Read more »