What to Discuss with Client Before the Photo ShootingA digital photographer, someone who works on assignments, his greatest friend is the agreement that he signs with his client. Nothing, is going to work and no one is going to come to his / her aid if something were to go wrong. It should be the starting point for every photography assignment that you... Read more »
How to Make a Good Photographer Online PortfolioIntroduction These days an online presence is as important as an offline store or an office. In many ways even if you have a modest home office, you need to have a swanky online presence as well.These should showcase some of your best work. This is of paramount importance. Why? Because the first contact between your prospective... Read more »
5 Simple and Free Ways to Find Customers for PhotographyPrelude Today we are going to discuss about how to find customers for photography. Back in 2006 I left my sales manager position with an Indian IT company and decided to float my own venture. I had this strange confidence. I thought my fervor and my experience would simply decimate the mandatory waiting period for... Read more »
Protecting Your Photos in the Digital WorldDifferent techniques of protecting your photos: Watermarking Watermarking is one of the most common methods of protecting your photos in the digital world. Almost everyone does it and with varying degrees of intensity and success. The simplest way to place a watermark is to create an action in Photoshop or use the default watermark option... Read more »
How Real Estate Photo Editing Services Help to Sell Your Properties?Looking to put your home up for sale? Planing to move to a bigger home for your growing family and looking to sale your old house to pay off? If your answer to the above is in the affirmative you may want to continue reading. We are going to discuss about real estate photo editing services. Many a times property owners don’t quite realize why their property put on listing never gets the desired attention. And this is despite the good construction quality and a favorable neighborhood. The reason 9 out of 10 times is because of poor quality images they used on their listing. Read more...
Pricing Yourself – How Much to Charge as a Wedding Photographer?In reality it is a question of assessing your costs and then setting a price which covers that cost, your personal expenses as well as insurance for the future. Remember, your photography business is your only source of income and that means if you fail in correctly pricing yourself you will end up in the... Read more »
Seven Photography Tools that You Should Possess to Improve Your ImagesThis discussion is about the tools of trade that we photographers need to possess in order to make professional images. There are some obvious tools like a camera or a lens or a tripod. Every photographer needs these. But beyond these there are a bunch of other tools as well. This is centered around those... Read more »
Basic Real Estate Photo TipsThe following real estate photo tips will help you to get started as a professional photographer. But even if you are not looking to make this a career move, these tips would help you nevertheless to get cleaner, more professional looking images, in case you are looking to list your home for sale. All you... Read more »
Things to Consider When Drafting the Wedding Photography ContractAbout a year and a half ago I read an eye-opening article by renowned wedding photographer Gary Fong. He got himself involved in defending a hapless wedding photographer who was threatened by a client for damages of $300,000, possibly even more. The client had claimed damages for lost memories, wherein he claimed that the images this photographer had taken were poor. In a letter He demanded that this wedding photographer refund the agreed contract price and threatened to ruin the photographer if he failed to pay up. There were reasons for this photographer to feel intimidated. The client / groom was an attorney and an influential one at that. Read more...