Shooting a Portrait with Natural Light vs Artificial LightThe use of light in portrait photography Portrait photography is a bread and butter pursuit for most photographers. You could make a decent amount of money every month shooting nothing but portraits in natural light. But the thing with portrait photography is that you need to have your key lights to be constant. At least... Read more »
Camera Settings Presets for Shooting Different ScenesCamera settings presets are a combination of buttons and dials that can be used to recall a specific set of settings on your camera. These are basically memory recall buttons. Their purpose is to save time by instantly recall your favorite settings depending on the scene or image you are shooting. Some of these presets... Read more »
Best Books on Portrait PhotographyIn this discussion we shall take a look at some very useful books on a particular genre of photography. Portrait photography to be precise. Digital photography has benefited immensely over the last decade from the internet revolution. Knowledge is no longer tied to books and classrooms. Beginner photographers and pretty much everybody interested in photography... Read more »
A Beginner’s Guide to Shoot Environmental PortraitsAs a genre, environmental portraits are a challenge of sorts for most photographers. It is because it involves bringing into focus the environment where the subject is rather than just focusing on the subject alone. These images capture the regular working environment of the subject or where the subject lives. In other words, environmental portraits... Read more »
Don’t Decide on That Second Lens Until You Read ThisLet me start by congratulating you. Why? You may ask. The fact that you are here looking for some information on how to decide on a second lens proves that you have finally outgrown the kit lens that came along with your camera. You have come to the conclusion that there is no way you can continue to grow as a photographer with just the kit lens. You are looking to take your photography to the next level - you are looking to invest in a new lens. Read more...