Shooting a Portrait with Natural Light vs Artificial LightThe use of light in portrait photography Portrait photography is a bread and butter pursuit for most photographers. You could make a decent amount of money every month shooting nothing but portraits in natural light. But the thing with portrait photography is that you need to have your key lights to be constant. At least... Read more »
Best Books on Portrait PhotographyIn this discussion we shall take a look at some very useful books on a particular genre of photography. Portrait photography to be precise. Digital photography has benefited immensely over the last decade from the internet revolution. Knowledge is no longer tied to books and classrooms. Beginner photographers and pretty much everybody interested in photography... Read more »
Shooting a Business Portrait: Techniques, Ideas and ApproachesIf you are good with portrait photography probably at one point you would be looking to jump in to the lucrative business portrait segment. Shooting a business portrait, however, is a different ball game altogether. This is completely different to what you have been shooting thus far. This is despite many of the same techniques... Read more »
Background for Portrait PhotographyBackground for portrait photography – An Introduction Backgrounds assume a critical importance in portrait photography. They can set the mood of a photo or break it just as easily if you are not careful what you put at the back. No two types of photography would work with the same background element. That is why... Read more »
A Beginner’s Guide to Shoot Environmental PortraitsAs a genre, environmental portraits are a challenge of sorts for most photographers. It is because it involves bringing into focus the environment where the subject is rather than just focusing on the subject alone. These images capture the regular working environment of the subject or where the subject lives. In other words, environmental portraits... Read more »
A Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Photographing the BrideThe bride’s portraits on the day of her wedding is one of the most important appointments of the day for a wedding photographer. It is often a mix of intensive planning, impromptu moments captured at the blink of an eye and a bit of a personal touch in the approach. In this tutorial we shall... Read more »
Using a Softbox as your Key LightThe soft box is your definitive source of lighting a model or an object in order to photograph it. Why? Because, a softbox is essentially a way to produce a softer more wrap-around type of lighting than any other source of light. You would argue that the sun is a large exceptionally bright source of... Read more »
How do you tweak the Sunny 16 Rule in Photography?You are out with your family on a bright sunlit day. The kind of day on which photographers prefer using the Sunny 16 Rule. In case you are not familiar with the Sunny 16 Rule, it is a simple age-old exposure guideline that helps you to set the correct exposure on a bright sunny day. But what is this Sunny 16 Rule? And how does one use this rule in photography? Let's look at a few ways on how to tweak the Sunny 16 Rule in photography. Read more...
Lighting techniques for shooting in studio environmentA studio setup allows you to be creative in ways you could never ever manage without lights. There are a million different ways in which you can arrange your lights to create different moods for your photos. Artificial lights are thus the choice of professionals who want to be able to control every aspect of their photography. When we speak of artificial lights and studio photography, invariably a closely related aspect comes up for discussion; and that is -  different types of lighting techniques or arrangements. Read more...
Post Processing a Child Portrait in LightroomSome time back I wrote an article on this website, on how to make better portrait photos in natural light. That article dealt with a single aspect and that was the actual image making part. However, in this tough and competitive commercial photography scenario there is absolutely very little scope of delivering SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) shots to clients and expect them to be happy with the results. Thus, I had it at the back of my mind to write a follow up article on post-processing portrait photos shot in natural light. Read more...