Best Metering Mode for Landscape, Portrait, Wedding PhotographyOne of the most fundamental aspects of photography is to meter a scene. Metering denotes measuring the amount if ambient light in a scene and then using the camera’s exposure adjustment functions in order to find the right exposure value for an optimum exposure. The way scenes in real life are there is no way... Read more »
Survey of Photo Contests by IndustryDoes photo contests make sense in participating? – For Recognition Absolutely. There is no better way to get instant world-wide recognition for what you do than to participate in photo contests. If the contest is an international one it gets you even more eyeballs. Evaluating your Skills Another reason for participating in a photography competition... Read more »
How to Make a Good Photographer Online PortfolioIntroduction These days an online presence is as important as an offline store or an office. In many ways even if you have a modest home office, you need to have a swanky online presence as well.These should showcase some of your best work. This is of paramount importance. Why? Because the first contact between your prospective... Read more »
Background for Portrait PhotographyBackground for portrait photography – An Introduction Backgrounds assume a critical importance in portrait photography. They can set the mood of a photo or break it just as easily if you are not careful what you put at the back. No two types of photography would work with the same background element. That is why... Read more »
How Real Estate Photo Editing Services Help to Sell Your Properties?Looking to put your home up for sale? Planing to move to a bigger home for your growing family and looking to sale your old house to pay off? If your answer to the above is in the affirmative you may want to continue reading. We are going to discuss about real estate photo editing services. Many a times property owners don’t quite realize why their property put on listing never gets the desired attention. And this is despite the good construction quality and a favorable neighborhood. The reason 9 out of 10 times is because of poor quality images they used on their listing. Read more...
A Wedding Photographer’s Guide to Photographing the BrideThe bride’s portraits on the day of her wedding is one of the most important appointments of the day for a wedding photographer. It is often a mix of intensive planning, impromptu moments captured at the blink of an eye and a bit of a personal touch in the approach. In this tutorial we shall... Read more »
Phowd Black Friday Sale – HUGE Savings!Members have emailed asking if there will be any discounts on Phowd. I cannot think of a better time for special savings than Black Friday. We are officially kicking off our Black Friday sale! Black Friday special starts now and ends on Cyber Monday, November 28 so you only have a few days to get in... Read more »
Using a Softbox as your Key LightThe soft box is your definitive source of lighting a model or an object in order to photograph it. Why? Because, a softbox is essentially a way to produce a softer more wrap-around type of lighting than any other source of light. You would argue that the sun is a large exceptionally bright source of... Read more »