Phowd Black Friday Sale – HUGE Savings!Members have emailed asking if there will be any discounts on Phowd. I cannot think of a better time for special savings than Black Friday. We are officially kicking off our Black Friday sale! Black Friday special starts now and ends on Cyber Monday, November 28 so you only have a few days to get in... Read more »
Using a softbox as your key lightThe soft box is your definitive source of lighting a model or an object in order to photograph it. Why? Because, a softbox is essentially a way to produce a softer more wrap-around type of lighting than any other source of light. You would argue that the sun is a large exceptionally bright source of... Read more »
Some Basic Food Photography TipsIf you are a genuine foodie it would be a natural transgression to want to shoot images of the delicacies that you conjure and enjoy. Speaking from personal perspective, being someone who simply love Asian and middle-eastern cuisines, I do that all the time. I love to try my hand in the kitchen from time... Read more »
Seven Photography Tools that You Should Possess to Improve Your ImagesThis discussion is about the tools of trade that we photographers need to possess in order to make professional images. There are some obvious tools like a camera or a lens or a tripod. Every photographer needs these. But beyond these there are a bunch of other tools as well. This is centered around those... Read more »
Why You Should Invest in a TripodThere are probably a hundred reasons why you should invest in a tripod. I am not going to detail each and every one of them. The tripod is, surprisingly, one of the most underrated tools in photography. I have seen even photographers who shoot regularly, skeptical about investing in one. They cite reasons like –... Read more »
How to Use Backlighting to Isolate Your SubjectI love shooting with backlighting. Backlighting is one of those acquired tastes in photography that can give your work a completely new dimension. Reason? Because not too many photographers know how to use it, and certainly, not too many people know how to set it up correctly. Backlighting To begin using backlighting in your photography... Read more »
Whether you are doing street photography, reportage or documentary style photography there are far too many incidents of photographers getting stopped, coerced into handing over their cameras or having to delete their memory cards. One can understand that with the world slowly getting paranoid with each passing day, there are bound to be incidents like... Read more »
How to Work with Leading Lines in Your PhotographyLeading lines are one of the most important aspects of photography. They have the power to draw a viewer’s eyes into a composition. Just like the rule of thirds or repeating patterns or even the Dutch tilt, leading lines tend to leave their undeniable impression on a photograph. They often are the difference between a bland snapshot and an excellent composition. Read more...