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Panasonic released a PR on September 19th, stating that they have developed a new flagship micro four-thirds camera, the Lumix GH5. Successor to the very popular Lumix GH4, the Lumix GH5 is a powerful shooter at least from the specs of it. No wonder that the camera is getting a lot of eyeballs at the... Read more »
Sony Introduces the Sony a99 II at Photokina 2016Proceedings at this year’s Photokina has been sluggish. The recent setback of Samsung announcing that it is moving away from the camera business in Australia is still looming large like grey clouds over the overall camera business. However, there have been quite a few notable silver linings too. The announcement of the Sony a99 II... Read more »
An Introduction to Hyper-lapseWhat is a Hyper-lapse? Hyper-lapse is one of those cool photography techniques which uses a combination of time-lapse and the concept of video shooting to produce some interesting clips. Hyper-lapse is time-lapse, but the difference is that in hyper-lapse the camera actually moves in between shots as compared to in time-lapse where the camera stays... Read more »
Basic Real Estate Photo TipsThe following real estate photo tips will help you to get started as a professional photographer. But even if you are not looking to make this a career move, these tips would help you nevertheless to get cleaner, more professional looking images, in case you are looking to list your home for sale. All you... Read more »
Introducing Canon Dual Pixel RAW TechnologyLast week, the much awaited Canon 5D Mark IV made its debut. The rumor mills have been abuzz for quite some time about the features of the rumored camera and the stuffs that you could do with them. They have all been put to rest after the official announcement of the camera last week. Most... Read more »
Fuji X-A3 is Now Officially AnnouncedFuji X-A3 Another big announcement for the day. The rumored Fuji X-A3 has been officially announced by the company. Also announced with it is the Fujinon XF 23mm f/2 RWR Asph lens. The press release states that the X-A3 has been designed perfectly for “self-portraits”. The rear LCD screen can tilt and turn 180 ˚... Read more »
The Canon 5D Mark IV is Officially AnnouncedOk, Canon users, this is what you’ve all been waiting for. Canon has officially announced the EOS 5D Mark IV. It thus replaces the 5D Mark III. Also launched with the Canon 5D Mark IV are the two new lenses. These being the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM and the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L... Read more »