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Five Reasons You Should Outsource Your Photo Editing Chores

Reason 1 – Liberate the Photographer in You

As much as you love to shoot, post processing photographs often demand hours of backbreaking work. A lot of you would always complain that you shudder at the thought of having to post process your work after every shoot. Not that you don’t want to or you don’t know how, but being photographers first and photo editors second you feel that your time is unnecessarily held up doing things that can be easily handled by somebody else. The primary need to outsource your photo editing chores, thus, comes from the need to liberate photographers like you from the editing desk.

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Low Light and the Wildlife Photographer: How to Take a Photo an Editor Can Work WithWildlife photographers are faced with a unique set of challenges. Not only do they often have to travel long distances to find their subject matter, but their success is dependent upon whether or not they have the understanding of the animal and the patience to wait for just the right moment. And yet ask any photographer what is the toughest part of shooting wildlife, and you'll likely get a response that falls somewhere along the lines of dealing with low light. The majority of animals, and especially those where I shoot in Africa, are most active once the sun begins to go down, making early evening the perfect time to snap a great photograph. This is when the predators are hunting (or at least doing more than cat-napping), and the watering holes are flush with the harder-to-spot animals such as rhinos, big cats, and hyenas, to name but a few. Read more...