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7 Main Mistakes when Retouching Wedding ImagesIf there were one genre of photography that you could do without retouching then that genre would be – wedding. The union of two people for life is the most auspicious of moments and it is but understandable that they would want to look their best. As their wedding photographer it is but your responsibility... Read more »
Choosing Software for Post-Processing Your ImagesWhich application is best for post-processing your images? Several years ago, when I was first starting out in digital photography a friend of mine advised me – “You have to know how to use Photoshop for post-processing your images if you are going to be a photographer.” I was a purist back then, having shot... Read more »
How to Extend Background in PhotoshopLet’s imagine that you are standing in front of this beautiful sunset. You set up your camera, set your focus, set the camera on shutter delay and run back to your mark. The camera fires but at that exact instant another very-enthusiastic photographer walks into the frame. Ouch! The solution is to crop the guy... Read more »
Survey of Photo Contests by IndustryDoes photo contests make sense in participating? – For Recognition Absolutely. There is no better way to get instant world-wide recognition for what you do than to participate in photo contests. If the contest is an international one it gets you even more eyeballs. Evaluating your Skills Another reason for participating in a photography competition... Read more »
How to Make a Good Photographer Online PortfolioIntroduction These days an online presence is as important as an offline store or an office. In many ways even if you have a modest home office, you need to have a swanky online presence as well.These should showcase some of your best work. This is of paramount importance. Why? Because the first contact between your prospective... Read more »
10 Unusual Creative Ideas for Wedding PhotographyThese days wedding photographers do tend to have a lot of creative freedom in their hands. Thanks to the advent of social media more and more young couples are looking for that unique photo of their wedding which is going to wow their social media contacts. It is not strange to find a T-Rex gate-crashing... Read more »
5 Simple and Free Ways to Find Customers for PhotographyPrelude Today we are going to discuss about how to find customers for photography. Back in 2006 I left my sales manager position with an Indian IT company and decided to float my own venture. I had this strange confidence. I thought my fervor and my experience would simply decimate the mandatory waiting period for... Read more »
Wedding Photography – the History of the GenreThe history of recording a wedding dates back to a time long before photography came about. The bride and the groom, and at times the nearest family members, would stand painstakingly for hours posing, as the master painter would make brush strokes on canvas. The history of wedding photography, however, is a relatively new one.... Read more »