I am thrilled to share a couple of new features we’ve added to Phowd in September.

Invite to a private order

Hosting a contest is a recommended path at Phowd to start hunting for the best retoucher, however we’ve been getting many requests to add an option to hire retoucher directly. We listened, and photographers are now able to reach out to a retoucher without going through contest and invite them to edit photos privately.

At a user profile page we added a button to invite to a private order

Invite Retoucher To Private Order

Clicking on it will bring up a private order page. Once submitted retoucher will receive an invite as email notification. Read more about how private orders work at our FAQ.

Invite Retoucher To Work On Editing Photos

If you are a retoucher, the new feature reinforces the importance of sharing a link to your portfolio to increase your visibility, especially after new photos have been added.

Upload from Dropbox

All file upload pages got a new button to upload directly from Dropbox.

Upload To Phowd From Dropbox

That is really convenient while uploading to portfolio or submitting to a contest but comes really handy if you need to upload hundreds of RAW images from the photo shoot session. For instance, uploading 100 RAW images, totaling approximately 2Gb, from Dropbox to Phowd went through in just 5 minutes. The great thing is that it does not take any bandwidth as Phowd cloud server talks to Dropbox directly. So my workflow now is to import photos from the memory card, pick good shots, share them to Dropbox directly from Lightroom and then upload to Phowd.

Please comment below if you’d like to see a support of other cloud storage providers like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.


As usual, feel free to share any feedback, suggestions or feature requests at Phowd support forum.

Ben Novoselsky

CEO and Founder at Phowd.com
Entrepreneur, geek, photo enthusiast.
Ben Novoselsky

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