Today we are releasing new feature we’ve been working on lately. Say good-bye to the old scattered message boards and welcome to the new robust real-time messaging.

Inbox – all messages in one place

Inbox organizes all communication on the orders, photos and submissions in one place. Inbox is available from the top menu. Entire messaging system is now real-time so you see messages instantly.



As soon as a new message arrives you get a notification at the top. If you are not online to read the message right away then you’ll receive a notification via email. A user online status is indicated by a green dot.

Phowd Inbox Real-time Messaging

Smart notifications

We updated Phowd to be smart about what messages are relevant to you so that you’ll hear only about comments which matter. Here is the full list of events that trigger a notification.

For photographers,

  • new comment on my order
  • new comment on a photo in my order
  • new comment on a submission to my order
  • new comment in a discussion I commented on

For retouchers,

  • new comment on an order I’m invited to
  • new comment on a photo in an order I’m invited to
  • new comment on an order I’m working on
  • new comment on a photo in an order I’m working on
  • new comment on a contest I submitted an edit to
  • new comment on my submission to an order
  • new comment on a photo from my portfolio
  • new comment in a discussion I commented on

Other updates

We’ve added few other features.

  • Add attachments to an order, photo or submission.
  • Add comments and discuss a source photo in an order.
  • Numerous smaller updates, fixes and improvements

Thank you for being part of Phowd community.

Ben Novoselsky

CEO and Founder at
Entrepreneur, geek, photo enthusiast.
Ben Novoselsky

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