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How to Create a Ghost Mannequin Effect in PhotoshopIt can be alarming for e-clothing stores when someone adds a product to the cart but does not checkout, more so when they browse all the clothes without adding anything. The ghost mannequin effect (also known as the invisible mannequin effect) is often the deciding factor of such consumer behaviours. No matter how good your... Read more »
Easy In-Camera Effects For 2020Picture this: you’re an amateur photographer. You want to make an utterly astounding photo, and the only problem is that you don’t exactly know… how. You desperately search for ideas but don’t want to spend thousands on expensive equipment. Believe me, you’re not alone.  After researching this topic, I found several convenient and easy solutions  –... Read more »
How To Store Photos So They Don’t Get RuinedMost of us have a large number of old photos laying around the house in some manner or another. Whether they’re in a shoebox, albums, or even just stuffed to the back of a drawer. A lot of us will even go years without thinking about them, only to find them while cleaning up and... Read more »
Tricks for Mastering Long Exposure Night PhotographyMastering long exposure night photography is a brass ring for amateur photographers. And why not? Who doesn’t want to capture the unbridled majesty of a spinning starfield at night or a glittering highway showing the beating heart of a city? The good news is that with the right tools, approach, and a little bit of effort,... Read more »
Tips to Take Better Photos On Your PhoneWe’re not all famed photographer Annie Liebovitz but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to take amazing photographs. Especially since the ability to take a great shot has gotten much easier with today’s smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that all it takes to get that perfect shot is to just point and click. There are... Read more »
Shooting a Portrait with Natural Light vs Artificial LightThe use of light in portrait photography Portrait photography is a bread and butter pursuit for most photographers. You could make a decent amount of money every month shooting nothing but portraits in natural light. But the thing with portrait photography is that you need to have your key lights to be constant. At least... Read more »
Camera Settings Presets for Shooting Different ScenesCamera settings presets are a combination of buttons and dials that can be used to recall a specific set of settings on your camera. These are basically memory recall buttons. Their purpose is to save time by instantly recall your favorite settings depending on the scene or image you are shooting. Some of these presets... Read more »
What to Discuss with Client Before the Photo ShootingA digital photographer, someone who works on assignments, his greatest friend is the agreement that he signs with his client. Nothing, is going to work and no one is going to come to his / her aid if something were to go wrong. It should be the starting point for every photography assignment that you... Read more »
Best Books on Portrait PhotographyIn this discussion we shall take a look at some very useful books on a particular genre of photography. Portrait photography to be precise. Digital photography has benefited immensely over the last decade from the internet revolution. Knowledge is no longer tied to books and classrooms. Beginner photographers and pretty much everybody interested in photography... Read more »