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Getting Started in Street PhotographyChoose the Right Lens The right lens is a matter of ambiguity as there are different schools of thought as to which is the best street photography lens. People have shot with the 50mm, the 35mm and even the 16-35mm with great success. I can’t put my finger on any one of these and say... Read more »
Should I Upgrade my Camera Body or my Lens?It is all too common for a wide range of emotions to complicate the decision to upgrade the body of a camera. Perhaps there are fond memories associated with the camera, or maybe the familiarity has made it especially simple to use. Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to set nostalgia aside in order to recognize... Read more »
A Beginner’s Guide to Shoot Environmental PortraitsAs a genre, environmental portraits are a challenge of sorts for most photographers. It is because it involves bringing into focus the environment where the subject is rather than just focusing on the subject alone. These images capture the regular working environment of the subject or where the subject lives. In other words, environmental portraits... Read more »
Phowd Black Friday Sale – HUGE Savings!Members have emailed asking if there will be any discounts on Phowd. I cannot think of a better time for special savings than Black Friday. We are officially kicking off our Black Friday sale! Black Friday special starts now and ends on Cyber Monday, November 28 so you only have a few days to get in... Read more »
Using a Softbox as your Key LightThe soft box is your definitive source of lighting a model or an object in order to photograph it. Why? Because, a softbox is essentially a way to produce a softer more wrap-around type of lighting than any other source of light. You would argue that the sun is a large exceptionally bright source of... Read more »
Advantage Of Shooting Film In The Digital AgeOld But Not Obsolete The dawn of digital sensor also brought in the demise of film. In many ways it was the arrival of the ‘next best thing’ that ushered in the slow death of what was once the ‘best thing’ to have happened to photography since Nicéphore Niépce pointed his camera obscura out of... Read more »
Some Basic Food Photography TipsIf you are a genuine foodie it would be a natural transgression to want to shoot images of the delicacies that you conjure and enjoy. Speaking from personal perspective, being someone who simply love Asian and middle-eastern cuisines, I do that all the time. I love to try my hand in the kitchen from time... Read more »