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The next big announcement in mirrorless segment could very well be from the house of Nikon. Nikon has been rumored to be working on a large sensor mirrorless design for a while. One of the later entrants into the mirrorless segment, Nikon has had a lukewarm response to its 1 series cameras. They have been riding two boats really, working on the 1″ sensor powered systems, all the while desperately trying not to cannibalize its DSLR sales. But now with the focus shifting back to large sensor mirrorless systems, Nikon has finally decided that it needs to get back into the game.

A new camera with a code name N1514 has been registered with the Indonesian Communications Agency. This code name does not relate with any of the existing camera models / code names out in the market. Therefore, presumably, this camera, whatever it turns out to be is not an upgrade of an existing model.

For a while Nikon has been rumored to be working on a large sensor / full-frame mirrorless system. The timing of the registration coinciding with Photokina just around the corner and the buzzing rumor-mills could only mean one thing. It could very well turn out to be true.

A large sensor mirrorless is a relative term. For Nikon that could very well be an APS-C sensor powered mirrorless system, given the fact that they have released only 1” sensor powered cameras in the past. That being said, if Nikon does decide to come up with a large sensor mirrorless design and keep a standard F-mount on it they will have an entire population of Nikon users who will be interested. These are photographers who already own F-mount lenses and could easily be swayed to buy a lighter full-frame alternative to complement their DSLR bodies.

Rajib Mukherjee

Rajib Mukherjee

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Rajib Mukherjee