Life for a celebrity can be tough. It is a constant struggle trying to maintain a border line between what is personal space and privacy and how much to accommodate for ones fans. A celebs life is almost always going to be punctuated by remorseless paparazzi trying to get an image at every possible moment. It is a cat and mouse game that celebs hate playing but have to at most times. To avoid them celebs employ innovative methods. But mostly it revolves around hiding their faces and making a quick getaway hoping nobody noticed. That predicament and backfoot game may no longer be necessary, now that the Ishu is here.

What’s the Ishu? The Ishu is a scarf. But it is no ordinary scarf. Made out of a highly reflective fabric it renders flash photography almost impossible. When the paparazzi fires a camera at close range using a flash, which they often do to get a clear image, the reflective surface of the scarf bounces back almost all of the light. This renders the scarf to be extremely bright to the digital sensor. It in turn throws the metering system haywire.

The scarf constitutes thousands of Nano-spherical crystals. When a flash is fired the crystals light up. The technology exploits a major flaw in a digital sensor. That is when a sensor sees something very bright or dark in the frame, it tries to compensate for that. In this case as the Nano-spherical crystals are extremely reflective the sensor sees something that is very bright and thus overcompensates by reducing the overall exposure. Resultantly, the rest of image becomes very dark while the scarf stays bright. The product works equally well for video cameras as well.

The designer of the scarf is Saif Siddiqui, a New Delhi lad, who seems to have got the idea when a group shot he attempted some years ago was ruined by a bicycle reflector. Siddiqui refined the idea, improved it and six years later he had a winning product in his hand. Something that the celebs are falling for the world over.

The Ishu seems to be a full-proof system that exploits the chink in modern sensor technology. It has wide ranging applications not just to deter paparazzi. Siddiqui has already designed ties and scarfs, two products that has caught the fancy of celebs the world over. He also has plans for mobile cases. He plans to also integrate his product at museums the world over and get contracts for use in private jets as well.

The Ishu will be available for shipment sometime in August. You can order it on the Ishu website here.

Rajib Mukherjee

Rajib Mukherjee

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Rajib Mukherjee