What if you were to be told that Hasselblad, the medium format behemoth is planning a prosumer camera?

You would have laughed no doubt, thinking what has begotten Hasselblad to force itself into trying to woo the prosumer segment. Some of you would have even been serious listeners too, fancied what it would be like to shoot with a Hasselblad prosumer camera. Well if you are in that second group of people you could get your chance pretty soon. Probably as soon as next week. That is, if we are to believe Photorumors.

For some months now Photorumors have been persistent about the rumors of a new Hasselblad prosumer camera. It appears that they now have more than one source to back that claim. As you can imagine, if the rumor mills are buzzing there’ got to be something cooking in the Hasselblad kitchen.

Sources claim that this new camera is probably going to be a full-frame mirrorless with a slightly off-beat aspect ratio. A rumored source even has the specs of the new sensor that would power the camera. It is likely going to be a 50.1 megapixel CCD sensor capable of producing 8176 x 6132 pixels. The sensor specs suggests that it have a very high dynamic range along with the high resolution. Plus, it would also feature a four-output architecture.

Not much is known about the design and the rest of the specs of the camera, but just like everything else rumor mills are abound about these ‘other’ aspects of the camera. You can read some of the ‘speculations’ here on Photohunk.

They even have a tentative day and date for the launch of the new camera. It is next week either 22nd or 23rd at around 14:00 (CET). What do you think the new camera has in store for us?

Rajib Mukherjee

Rajib Mukherjee

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Rajib Mukherjee