Traveling is one of life’s many pleasures and you will likely want to capture every cultural dif-ference, change in scenery, and culinary perfection you can with your fancy camera. Here are some tips to make traveling with your camera as carefree as the rest of your trip.

1) First Thing’s First

If you don’t have one already, invest in a nice camera bag. That bag is all that will stand between your camera and the elements as you travel, so make sure it is sturdy and strong. A cute strap for your camera doesn’t hurt if you are concerned about dropping it while shooting and want to add some flair.

2) Packing Right

Don’t forget to bring the essentials: lenses, cleaners, extra batteries, and extra memory storage (can be your laptop or an external hard drive depending on how lightly you are packing). You never know what can come up or delay you during a trip, so it’s best to be prepared.

3) In the Bag

Once you’ve picked out all of the accoutrements, ensure they all have their proper caps and sleeves so nothing is damaged in transit. They should be packed in the bag as snugly as possible so nothing can jostle loose and wreak havoc on the remainder of your camera. And of course, never pack with the lens attached to the camera as this can put strain on their connectors and damage both parts.

4) Flight Patterns

If flying, verify that your airliner will consider your camera bag as either a personal item or carry-on in order to avoid last minute charges for a checked bag. In addition to the pain of having to shell out extra money on a checked bag you didn’t plan to have, your camera will get unceremo-niously stuffed under the plane with suitcases instead of enjoying your attention and care in flight.

5) Common Sense

No matter how or when you travel, you must always be vigilant of your surroundings. Cameras are nice to steal, so ensure that you guard it (and your other belongings) at all times. For example, be judicious about who you choose to hand your camera over to for a photo. You may also feel better placing black electrical tape over your camera’s brand name, or wrapping it around the brand name on your strap, to make it less conspicuous to those looking to steal a quick buck. If you are walking around with your camera sans bag, be sure to wrap the strap around your wrist to deter anyone from running up beside you and grabbing your camera. Be vigilant, and not showy, and you should be just fine.

6) Back Up

Before you are ready to jet off, double check your homeowners or renters insurance policy for coverage on your camera and accessories. You might have to carry a special rider on your policy depending upon the kind or value of your camera, so it is best to make sure that you have cover-age before an incident happens.

Kelsey Fox

Kelsey Fox

Kelsey Fox is a freelance writer and photographer from Louisville, Kentucky. She specializes in wildlife photography, and travels each summer to Southern Africa in search of the perfect photo.
Kelsey Fox