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A new spouse, a new last name, and photos – the three must-have takeaways of any wedding. Though every couple wants the obligatory wedding shots such as the posed family photo, the newly-ringed hands intertwined, or the bride getting dressed before the long walk down the aisle, photos of the big day should also include shots that are as unique as the couple themselves. Below are eight fun and unique wedding photo ideas that are sure to keep the memories alive for years to come.

1. Overhead Views

Too many wedding photos are taken from the same tired views, so mix it up a little. If the wedding’s location does not include a balcony, upstairs window, or other high vantage point that will allow you to shoot down on the wedding party, bring a ladder along and use it to your advantage. A shot looking down onto the bride and groom as they leave the reception through a tunnel of friends and family is a perfect way to capture as many people as possible. Another option: during wedding party photos, have the bridesmaids and groomsmen hold the bride and groom above their heads as if they’re crowd surfing. Then take the shot from directly above, with everyone looking up into the camera. Not only will this produce a unique composition, you’re likely to capture truly genuine smiles and laughter.

2. Views From Down Low

Just like the overhead shots described above, photos taken from below eye level will add excitement and variety to the wedding portfolio. As the bride and her wedding party are about to leave the preparation room for the aisle, ask them to stand in a circle, and extend their bouquet arms so that the flowers are all meeting in the middle. Now take the photo from directly below the large bouquet to capture this last moment of support and goodwill from a bride and her closest friends.

3. Through the Frame

Wedding Photos Kids Frame

There are some wedding photos that just have to be taken, one of which is a kiss between the newlyweds. Instead of shooting this intimate moment up close and personal, find a quiet looking place and ask the newlyweds to step into the background. Then, have two children – the flower girl and ring bearer are a perfect choice! – hold an ornate photo frame up so that the kissing couple is framed. Allow the children to be natural, as a giddy laugh at the sight of the kiss can add even more to this classic photo.

4. Don’t Forget the Hair

I hear a lot of brides mention that they wish they had more photos of their wedding day hair. After all, hours were spent comparing style options and actually having it pinned, curled, and adorned. But since there isn’t too much that’s unique about a photo of the back of a woman’s head, achieve this same goal more cleverly. For example, wait until the bride is dancing energetically on the dance floor. Then snap a photo from the shoulders up as her head is turned back towards her guests. Not only will you capture the hair style, you’ll have an action shot of a happy moment that includes the bride and some guests.

Wedding Photography

5. The Sentimental Photo

Weddings are emotional days, and photos can capture that emotion in sentimental ways. Ask the bride and groom to each bring a 5×7 photo of their parents on their wedding day. Then, take a shot of them holding the photos up side by side. The photos themselves should be your focus, leaving the newlyweds slightly blurred in the background. Such a photo can also make a wonderful gift to parents. Another option is to encourage the bride to find a photo from her parents’ wedding to recreate at her own.

6. Before-the-Wedding Corner Shot

This photo idea plays upon the superstition that it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. Have the bride and groom, both dressed in their dress and tux, stand on either side of a corner. Though they can’t see each other, a photo of them reaching back to hold each other’s hand will result in a lovely shot that is sure to capture a calming moment in the midst of pre-wedding jitters. If the couple is religious, capture them praying together while they hold hands from their respective sides of the corner.

7. Bridal Party Reversal

After you shoot the standard bridal party photos, mix it up a little bit by asking them to switch roles. Hand the bridesmaids’ bouquets to the boys and snap a photo of them posing with what might as well be foreign objects. Then ask the girls to pose the way they think the groomsmen would. Another option is to reverse the obligatory ring photo. Instead of the bridesmaids gathering around the bride’s diamond-studded left hand, have the groomsmen feign dramatic awe over the groom’s new ring. Not only do photos like these relax everyone, it allows each member of the wedding party to exhibit a piece of their personality – something everyone will enjoy looking back on.

8. Fun With Photoshop

If you’re active on social media, you’ve likely seen an example of the newest craze in wedding photography: the photoshopped wedding attack picture. Depending on the taste of the couple, shoot your wedding party (with the bride and groom front and center of course) running towards the camera. This works best if the photo has lots of action, so tell them to run as if they’re running from something big and scary. While some will look mid-scream, others will probably be glancing back at the attacker. Create a photoshop contest with this photo at Phowd and ask retouchers to edit into the photo’s background something that’s chasing them – giant robot creatures, a T-Rex, or a Great White shark for a beach wedding are just some popular examples. Have some fun with it!

Kelsey Fox

Kelsey Fox is a freelance writer and photographer from Louisville, Kentucky. She specializes in wildlife photography, and travels each summer to Southern Africa in search of the perfect photo.
Kelsey Fox

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